The DSPGenie Telephone Network Emulator (TNE) surpasses the functionality of existing, high-cost test equipment, and should fulfil a much-needed role in the testing of high-speed voiceband data modems and fax terminals, where performance can be critically dependent on the quality of the network connection.

DSPGenie TNE is designed as an easy-to-use instrument that is capable of introducing all the main impairments that adversely affect voiceband data communications.

Typical parameters and impairments controlled by the DSPGenie TNE are send and receive gains, echo levels, noise levels, delay, and local loop characteristics. All impairments can be introduced independently in the two directions of transmission, and the instrument can also measure and display signal levels.

Additionally, there are options to include various low bit-rate codecs in the connection, as well as the ability to introduce external equipment via a primary-rate PCM interface.

In addition to its prime function, the DSPGenie TNE can be used to connect any 2-wire telephone instruments (standard or calibrated). This allows the DSPGenie TNE to be used for subjective evaluation purposes, either of the telephone instruments themselves, or of some aspect of the emulated connection.