Since its foundation, DSPG core competency has been focused on all aspects of Digital Speech Coding and Modem Technology, in particular for use in Mobile Satellite Communication. DSPG continues work in this area, being currently the only company providing independent technical support for AERO-H system used by most of commercial airlines.

As a spin-off from the Digital Speech Coding research, DSPG developed a range of testers to evaluate the voice quality of various voice related products. These testers gave foundation for a range of successful instruments including the BT Network Emulator, Echo Canceller Tester (ECT-1), DSPGenie, VoIP testers and others. Some of these products became the benchmark instruments used by many major telecommunication manufacturers and operators including Alcatel, Nokia, Ericsson, BT, HP, Nortel, etc…..


Since 1994 DSPG has been actively involved in all aspects of Text and Voice communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Jointly with BT Laboratories DSPG developed the first worldwide successful implementation of the ITU-T V.18 Recommendation that was implemented in a number of products starting from simple V.18 modems up to full implementation of National Relay Service deployed in countries such as Australia, New Zeland, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland.

Since 2000 DSPG has provided BT with textphones branded as the “BT Textphone”. DSPG continues supply of these textphones to BT. The DSPG’s branded version TextLink 9100 and Texlink 9100 Mobile are sold worldwide including New Zealand, Australia, USA, Spain and other countries worldwide.

DSPG also introduced a edge-cutting product in 2000 branded as “TexBox ISDN” for text and voice access to both small and large organisations. The various models of TexBox have been successfully deployed in a significant numbers of local authorities, emergency services, police, national health service, utility companies and others.

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